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In today's world, cloud technologies have many advantages and capabilities, are constantly updated, and are sometimes very confusing. Our job is to help organizations adopt a cloud mindset, simplify processes, leverage emerging technologies, stay secure, and let you focus on the core of your business...

Gal Batz, Chief Architect Cloud & Software

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Cloud Infrastructure

Empower your software with unlimited cloud capabilities. We specialize in helping organizations start the process of cloud adoption (mindset), and as trusted partners of AWS, we specialize in building complex cloud infrastructure to accommodate any system.


Save time, money, problems, and secure your software delivery lifecycle with our SRE and DevSecOps experts. Our experts have vast experience and knowledge in establishing, operating, advising, and maintaining complex systems, as well as maintaining the highest level of SLA support.

Cloud Security

Every company recognizes the need to meet strict cyber-security standards and requirements. Our experts, as certified AWS cloud and code security developers, advise and set up secure cloud environments that provide support from the code level to the infrastructure.


Everything as a service - We'll establish, operate, consult and maintain XaaS solutions to give you the maximum value from your system, ensure cost efficiency, and shorten the time to market your product. Our experts will find and implement the best solutions and services so you can stay on top of things, while we handle the hard parts.

AI/ML Cloud Services

Knowledge is power. Use our ground-breaking plug-and-play AI/ML solutions and our expert knowledge to raise your product to the next level, while we do the heavy lifting.

Serverless from Code

We'll provide the perfect serverless architecture plan and counseling for your product, whether it's a whole transformation or just part of the system, to manage loads and scalability. So you can stop worrying about infrastructure management, scalability, and wasting money.

Our Mission

As a company that has come from software, we understand the complexity, challenges, and needs software has in a cloud environment. Our mission is to make sure you take full advantage of the cloud's capabilities, by providing the expertise and deep knowledge of cloud and software.
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AI/ML Cloud Services

Unlock the power of machine learning and add intelligence to your business. Our experts can help you boost your system capabilities through the use, implementation, and integration of cloud AI/ML products in your system.
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Added Value

  • With deep knowledge of cloud and software - and with proven best practices and methodologies, we take software to the next level.

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  • AI/ML - We have extensive experience, cutting-edge technology, and a passion for AI/ML that will help you maximize your software.

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  • NOC- A premium NOC as a Service delivery model enables you to take advantage of 24/7 response and SLA

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  • Professional FinOps services - To help you reduce your cloud costs and accomplish more utilizing cloud services

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  • AWS Partner - We are proud to be official AWS partners, and have extensive experience with other public cloud providers such as GCP and Azure

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  • Professional consultation - Extensive experience in architecture, consultation, building, and integrating cloud infrastructure for large organizations

Cases of Use

Taglit Cloud
Taglit Cloud
Migration to the cloud environment
Next generation C4i system
IOT Cloud Suite
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