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Our added value is passion. Passion for product delivery, cloud, and cutting-edge technologies. Together with the customer's stakeholders we will provide products, accelerating technologies, and utilize all the capabilities of the cloud.

Tamir Lahiany, VP of Software and Delivery

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Our R&D teams are experts in the delivery of edge technologies in the fields of the back end (NodeJS, Java, .NET), front end (Angular, React, Vue), Mobile (Swift, Kotlin, Flutter), and more…

Cloud-Native Applications

Design and development of applications with a perfect fit for public, private or hybrid cloud that utilizes 100% of the cloud's capabilities (Serverless, Microservices, Xaas, cost optimization from code, and more ..)

Monolith to Microsevices

Migration of monolithic systems to the microservice architecture while maintaining business as usual, using a unique methodology that delivers success all the way. The transition to microservices provides flexibility, a better fit to the cloud, reusable components, and more.

Flutter/Native apps

After years of experience in native development and over 50 in-store applications, we are leading Flutter in Israel. In our experience, Flutter is the world's leading cross-platform technology for iOS, Android, Web, and Desktop applications, with a single code and high performance.

Managed Teams

Extensive experience in setting up managed teams in cutting-edge technologies and flexible models as needed. Our managed teams are delivery-oriented and focus on upgrading technologies according to business objectives.

Innovation Centers

As a technological accelerator for organizations, we have gained experience in establishing innovation centers in the fields of software and cloud. We use the experience and knowledge we have accumulated to set up end-to-end innovation teams in a short time.

Our Mission

To provide a competitive advantage for our customers by delivering quality products in a short time, alongside technological acceleration and full adoption of cloud capabilities.
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Maximizing Cloud Value

Experts in perfectly adapting software to the cloud, implementing applicable cloud services and empowering systems through AI cloud services. In this way, we create great added value that shortens development times, reduces costs, and opens up new opportunities.
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Added Value

  • Delivery Oriented - Extensive experience in fast and high-quality delivery in various sectors and technologies.

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  • Cloud Utilization - Empowering systems by fully adapting to the cloud and using a wide range of applicable cloud capabilities.

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  • Technology Accelerator - Technological advancement along the way and while delivering a product.

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  • Time to market - Quick arrival to the market, at a high standard and without risks and delays.

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  • TCO - Low total cost of ownership by Reuse methodology and extensive experience.

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  • Flexible models - fixed price, time and material, expanding or reducing resources quickly, and more.

Cases of Use

Taglit Suite
Taglit Suite
Managed modernization team to success
Next generation C4i system
IOT Cloud Suite
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