Our Services

Our team is passionate about being with our clients every step of the way. For that, we know you need us in many ways. If you can’t find what you need just ask, we do it all.

Web Development

We build amazing web platforms, in any flavour you need them, from social centric platforms to enterprise level systems for your organization. And we take special care so they will be responsive.

Mobile Apps

Today the main part of any platform is a great and fast mobile app. From native to special tech like ReactNative, we make custom built apps. Sometimes crazy folks try to challenge us to do low level mobile stuff, no problem.


The future of mobile is definitely in AR/VR. That is why we have invested in this and can pretty much augment the hell of every reality you want, and put it on any mobile device, even weird ones like Oculus or HoloLens.

Automatic Cloud Scale

With a dedicated team of cloud superstars we make sure your product can grow to any size, and we mean any size. With a click of a button you will be prepared for anything.


Every device, like your television, lamps, and even heart monitors can become smart. We can incorporate any supported device into your product for a fuller experience.

Design & Interfaces

We at Compie believe that every great product begins with a great design. Our design team does not make User Experience or User Interfaces, they make Human Experience.


We believe that a great product deserves the best, even in the stuff that you don’t see, but you feel. We keep ourselves on the top of the tech game with the most cutting edge tech.